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Lack of pizza delivery as a gauge of the ways in which the Broad Ripple area has "slipped."

   On Monday evening, I stayed up late. I did not go to bed until nearly 10 p.m. As I have grown older, the wild days of youth, when I would stay up until 11 p.m., have faded.

   I was hungry and decided to order a pizza.

   Even several years ago, there were several choices for delivery. Noble Roman's deep-dish was a favorite. Bazbeaux's whole-wheat crust was healthy, tasty, and local. There were the corporate fall-backs---Pizza Hut and Domino's (and I know Noble Roman's was/is a chain and every place I mention probably is operated as a business entity incorporate by this or some other State) in case all else failed.

   I will not do business with Papa John's. I do not like their pizzas. Also, I do not like the politics of its namesake and former owner. Disagree with me, if you wish, but that is an exercise of personal prerogative.

   When I called Bazbeaux's, I was told they were closed. Recently I had tried to call Domino's for about the tenth time only to be told they still had no coverage for our area. Noble Roman's only will deliver to an area that ends about two blocks south of our address. Finally I tried Pizza Hut. The person took my order and asked if I would be paying by credit card or check. I said cash. I was told---politely---cash was not accepted after the time at which the pizza would be delivered.

   Local places have been bought out or otherwise disappeared. Chains seem to dominate. Now pizza delivery drivers are so imperiled---this is not satire or hyperbole---from robberies, they cannot carry cash after a certain hour.

   I am glad the State Legislature defeated funds for the soccer stadium Mayor Mallard's pal wants to build. Public monies should be spent on other items, like education and police protection. If I cannot pay cash---legal tender for all debts public and private, says so right there near the picture of the dead President, Secretary of the Treasury or Postmaster General, depending upon the denomination---for a pizza I order at eight o'clock in the evening, and there are so few places from which to order, we have reached an odd state of affairs.

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Comment by City Beat Blogger on March 12, 2014 at 7:15am

but there is late night cookie delivery, so not all is lost  -  now they just need to add sausage & pepperoni chip...


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