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Internet, writing, and publishing: My experiences and this Saturday's Show.

   Saturday's Show will stream live from the Indiana Writers Center, 812 East 67th Street, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Guest panelists will include Barbara Shoup of the Writers Center, who has published seven novels and has taught creative writing, and Lynn Swayze Wilson, who is involved in the process of getting a novel published.

   My first experience with publishing had a few "ups." What now is called a "launch party," but we called a "signing party," went well. I hired a local musician to play skiffle music, the genre of The Beatles when they first formed. The book generally was well-received. There were more reviews on Amazon than I had anticipated.  Only one was negative, but I believe it was written by someone, ironically upon whom no character in the book was based, who had a grudge against me. There was the good feeling of signing copies for people. On the other hand, I lost money on the project.

   I promised myself I would use the lessons from the first experience and be smarter with my next.

   I wrote two more novels. One only was a first-draft. The second made it to second draf5t. I was not excited about either. Perhaps one day I will feel "warmth" for one or both of them and continue. Otherwise, they will rest where they are.

   I came up with the idea for "Crime Pay$"---even the title, but without the "$" sign---in 1981. I sketched out a very rough outline. Eventually I wrote nine drafts.

   I also researched self-publishing and promotion of one's work on the internet. I named my publishing company. I contacted John Hunt, of the Village Press, about layout.

   Tomorrow: "Crime Pay$" gets published, but more lessons are learned.

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