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Indiana's proposed constitutional amendment that would ban same-sex marriage: next week's topic.

   A panel show that aired Friday night took an interesting twist near the end of the broadcast. The host mentioned, in passing, that all three members of the panel were gay. In years past---maybe only as recently as five---an entire panel of lesbian and gay guests would at least have received some promo. There might have been commentary in a few newspapers or on some blogs. This occurred with little fanfare.

   This is an example of how members of the LGBT community have been accepted by society.

   Indiana, home of Hoosier history such as the effort to make the numerical value of Pi 3, has a General Assembly adrift in the values of the 1950s. HJR6 is a proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution that would limit marriage to "one man" and "one woman." Major corporations have joined rights groups to oppose the amendment. The corporations want to create an atmosphere in Indiana that is conducive to the optimum number of well-qualified people as potential employees. Presumably a welcome atmosphere for individuals of the same gender, or people who are transgender, who wish to marry and be treated equally---and not feel the effects of discrimination---is one Eli Lilly wishes to foster.

   I have personal qualms about corporate entities. On this issue, however, I believe Eli Lilly and its corporate allies have sided with the right people.

   On Saturday, August 24, from 11 am to 1 pm, we shall discuss this amendment. One confirmed guest will be Tanya L. Domi. Ms. Domi is an adjunct professor at Columbia University. She was a commissioner officer in the United States Army before she was forced out because she is a lesbian. I would list all of her accomplishments from her resume, but that would cover six pages. I will try to provide a link to her resume.

   We will have more panelists. They will be announced later in the week. Please tune in. 

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