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Idiocy & racism in Buffalo & on airwaves in Indy

Idiocy & racism struck in Buffalo last weekend but racism & idiocy know no geographic bounds. White gunman traveled couple of hours to kill people in the only grocery in an African-American neighborhood. He proclaimed replacement theory. Racism: cops talked him out of suicide. 1/4

Racism: how many seconds would an African-American male of the same age have lived as he stepped out of that store having just killed 10 people? Hold that thought. Idiocy here in Indy was on the radio when a morning host demeaned the deterrent effect of labeling “hate crimes.” 2/4

The idiocy is we allow people to buy weapons designed for military use, to kill as many people as possible, without limits. Apparently the radio host finds comfort with so many weapons in so many hands. Wait: the host is white. We need restrictions on firearms, especially like the 3/4

Buffalo shooter carried. When Bambi prances through the autumn forest shooting down drunken hunters w/her AR-15, I’ll re-think my position. I’m Mark Small. I’m pro-choice, pro-civil rts & anti-gun. I’m GOP candidate for Indiana House District 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 4/4

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