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How much did Putin pay North Korea?

Putin must have paid North Korea’s leader a bundle.
When all other reasons are eliminated, the reason left—no matter how bizarre—is the one that explains something. That is a sort of razor of logic, similar to the “haircuts” Donald Trump, the current occupant of the Oval Office, used to give to creditors when he was a Brilliant Titan - or maybe “Trojan” would be a better prophylactic term - of Industry.
DT did nothing to elicit “peace talks” with North Korea. DT slung bellicose, school-boy insults at North Korea’s fearless leader, who slung similar taunts back. VP Mike Pence made an ass of himself at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. No one has intimated Pence’s boorish behavior caused North Korea to cave and scramble about to discuss nuclear disarmament. DT seemed surprised when word broke, this week, of developments for which, characteristically, he wanted credit.
The State Department had no hand in it - there are few “hands” for such matters left at the Department of State. They have fled public service since 1/20/17. The head of that department might have been someone else, but Putin nixed the choice.
The only reasonable possibility is Kim Jong Un “got” something to meet with DT, and that the “something” did not come from DT. After all, DT has had others pay for his companionship in the past, as Stormy Daniels probably can attest - and probably will testify, eventually. DT, one would surmise, is hesitant to leave a trail of cash involving a hostile foreign power anywhere. Robert Mueller’s people have more than one investigatory proctoscope to wield in forensic accounting to track Russia’s purchase of our 2016 elections. DT has reason to fear such investigations. DT laundered Russian mob money back so far and so often the Maytag repairman actually had to work. DT would not even want to dispatch - on a private jet with bags of Krugerrands to tender to the fan of Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong Un - that all-around high-ranking aide, son-in-law, and future criminal defendant Jared Kushner. As DT probably knows from extensive research (and from watching “A Few Good Men”), records are kept of flights. (Donnie: in the film that was a bluff.)
Putin certainly has the money to blow on his investment in the United States, especially if it gives DT a boost of a point or two in opinion polls and delays (what one must hope is) the inevitable demise of the current faux administration. Putin likes chaos. Putin hates the United States. With his choice of a psychotic buffoon of an ass-clown in the Oval Office, however long Putin can extend that term of office, chaos here is nurtured and the World looks sees the U.S. as a laughingstock..
On MSNBC’s “Hardball,” the host discussed various aspects of this latest foreign policy drama as though it is more than farce. He ignored a couple of things. First, no mention that this, even possibly, was a charade, the script of which was written by Putin. Second, who can ignore that, come May, no meeting will take place between Kim and our psychotic buffoon of an ass-clown? . s . . .
Even if Kim Jong Un were to meet with the man who launched so many failed business enterprises, I doubt there would be very much for them to discuss. Maybe Kim Jong Un could explain how his father hit 13 holes-in-one on his first 18 holes of golf. No doubt DT would counter by telling Kim Jong Un how to cheat.

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