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How free is America? Not so much. Tomorrow's Show.

   At 11 a.m Saturday: How free is America? Guest panelist and Indianapolis attorney Ginny Maxwell will join us.

   My answer to the question: not very. We have 25% of the World's prison inmate population, yet we have only five percent of the World's population. That's one statistic with which I will support my position.

   We can speak freely about our government. Of course, the government keeps lists of people to "watch"---on the basis of what people say, write, blog---hello there, list-makers---so that when times are dire, our freedom of expression---speech, press, all that---takes a hit. In other words, when diverse speech becomes effective in its challenge to those old "powers that be," the freedom to express opinions no longer is so free. The bottom line: you can say whatever you want, until it has an effect and challenges those in power. That is not meaningful "freedom of speech."

   Join us tomorrow at 11 a.m.

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