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Hear civil discussion and more than one view on the Second Amendment and related matters on Saturday at 11 a.m.

   Whatever your view about guns, firearms, the Second Amendment, gun control, may be, one aspect of the public discussion its one-sided nature. I have heard/seen programs on which one side---choose by network---prominently is featured. I have watched people yell or scream at each other, but I have yet to see/hear intelligent, civil discourse on the topic.

   That is why "Civil Discourse Now" was started. I got tired of the "rah rah our side" nature of many shows and the four-people-talking-at-once nature of the remainder. You may---no doubt will---disagree with what I say and believe. The point of The Show is that people talk---one at a time and concisely---in civil fashion with each other about the topic at hand.

   Today, just down the street from the Indy 1500 gun & knife show we will stream live from Grady's Championship Deli, on the east side of Keystone Avenue just north of Fall Creek Parkway. We start at 11. Guest panelists are Andrew Kirch and Michael Z. Williamson. Paul Ogden, in all likelihood, will join them in their position about the Second Amendment. I shall take a different position. 

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