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Guns kill people ... Guns kill people ... Guns kill people...

We need doses of truth, especially today. [A friend said, if we did not get the message after a bunch of 6-year-olds got murdered, we never will change laws about firearms.] A notion of “freedom” is hand-in-shoe with some people and the 2nd Amendment.

Each day I drive past a gun store/shooting range on the way to the post office. [It’s easier to buy a gun, in some places, than it is to register to vote so racists exercise their franchise via the 2nd Amendment. Huh.] On weekends the parking lot usually is more crowded.

Yesterday the parking lot overflowed with vehicles parked on the grass. I thought maybe the Gun Nuts Show at the State Fairgrounds was canceled. [The Indy/FedEx mass shooting is easy for some to forget when other mass shootings quickly blot our memories.]

The State Fairgrounds is about a mile away from the post office. Curiosity directed the vehicle. Parking lots at the State Fairgrounds were full. [12yo neighbor “gunned out” with a shotgun because he realized we all will die one day. Some days occur sooner than others.]

Mitochondrial DNA indicates we (or at least the more civilized set) originated in East Africa. [I can risk hanging an air freshener from my rearview mirror: I’m Caucasian.] The Constitution was written to achieve economic advantages. Slavery saved a lot of overhead.

Only white male landowners were eligible to be, or vote for, delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1787. [We cannot be a “free” society when we are in constant lock-down as a result of racism + guns.] None was a Jew or Muslim. Only two were Catholics.

Women, indigenous peoples (Indians) and (of course) slaves had no rights. [The NRA gets a lot of money from Russia.] (White) people in South Carolina lived in fear that slaves would rebel and turn the tables overnight.
Syllogism: if guns prevent crime and we have more guns per capita than anyplace on Earth we should (therefore) have no crime. [Burglars love handguns, but only when people are not home. They are smart enough to wait for vacations.] We should have peer review studies.

If guns deter crime, gun companies should welcome CDC studies like that. [I have yet to hear that deer or antelope have armed themselves so as to justify hunters’ use of assault weapons.] Yes, gun companies will do those studies just like tobacco companies long ago ...

I’m sick of hearing people talk about “freedom” and “guns” in the same breath. I’m also tired of their (vapid) “thoughts” & “prayers.” [Supreme deities don’t allow mass shootings. Shakespeare, on the other hand, wrote “the Devil is a gentleman. There’s that.]

Oppose gun violence: 1) Don’t own a gun or allow guns in your home; 2) Tell gutless bastards in Congress to pass background checks & red flag laws; oh, and 3) The next time someone offers “thoughts” and prayers,” puke on the person’s shoes.

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