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Greetings, from beautiful St. Lucia!

   I tap this into my lap top as I lounge on the fan tail of the 80 foot boat I purchased yesterday here in St. Lucia. I acted on my own advice for the past couple of weeks. Each time I wrote on this blog that people should sell short, I actually did so. One moment, please---ah, I had to pour a bit more champers into the wine flute. There is not as much noise out here as there is inside, what with the music and dancing. The boat is rocking a bit, but that's what life is about, I guess.

   And I really have to thank several groups of people for my newly-found riches. All those people who sported tea bags back in 2009 and started their grass-roots, bring-democracy-to-the-people movement were of enormous help. The whole thing about the debt ceiling would not have happened without them. And without them, members of Congress, whom I also must thank, would not have been scared silly into playing those games that spooked the markets. Hey! I think I just saw a member of Congress on the next boat over. They're in recess, after all. He must be down here on a fact-finding junket on "job creators."

   Speaking of "job creators," there are several down here, on boats bigger than the little dinghy I bought. And are they creating jobs! There are deck-hands, waiters, and women in their late teens or early twenties in teany-tiny bikinis---no, I think that Congressman just removed one woman's top. All those jobs have been created---here. 

     Finally, I have to thank the Koch brothers. They financed all those idio----uh, people who decided to join the grass roots, bring-democracy-to-the-people movement with the tea bags that festooned hats and what-have-you.   

   I was kidding about all this. I'm not in St. Lucia. But I tried to tell everyone---sell short.

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