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GOP shouldn't raise funds for Spartz but should try to save America from traitor trump

Kyle Hupfer, Indiana GOP chair, sent out an e-mail this morning seeking to raise funds for Victoria Spartz, who already made a huge down payment, via the June 2 primary, toward final purchase of a seat in the U.S. House, INCD5.

Hupfer said: “If we have any hope of winning back the House and FIRING Speaker Pelosi once and for all, we have to support Victoria and get her across the finish line.”

This e-mail disgusts me. I am GOP precinct committee person for Washington Township 21-01. The past couple of days’ news have increasingly told how the current occupant of the Oval Office ignored intelligence of Russian bounties on U.S. military personnel.

Spartz worked in trump’s campaign in Hamilton County in 2016. The Indy Star described her, on June 5, as a “staunch conservative and Donald Trump supporter.”

Our system of checks and balances was designed with the notion that most people in office would be loyal to this country. trump occupies the Oval Office with assistance from Putin and trump has sat back and done nothing:

as U.S. military personnel have been killed by people who seek to collect bounties paid by Putin. We are in a constitutional crisis. An asset - trump - of a hostile foreign power is in the Oval Office. Our two-party system is in a precarious condition comparable only to the years leading up to and including 1860.

We cannot simply surrender one half of the system to foreign control, at worst, or to self serving idiots, at best. In one year will leaders of the GOP - national and State - try to cover their complicity?

In one year will GOP leaders - national and State - say something akin to “I never was a supporter of his.” Words like that have been spoken before in history. If you do not know when, then you should read history.

GOP leaders today who allow this travesty to continue make me ill. There are two ways to take them on: througth another party and from within the GOP. We need to end this period in which the formerly progressive GOP has been bastardized into a white supremacist cell.

For now, fund-raising should be the last thing on Mr Hupfer’s mind. We must save America from the forces of hate.

Ms. Spartz is not qualified to hold the office she seeks. She follows and blindly supports trump. I am a pro-choice, pro-environment, anti-trump GOP precinct committee person. Any candidate - including Ms. Spartz - for political office who supports trump is unfit.

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