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"God" is not a commodity held by a monopoly

“God” isn’t anyone’s property despite what the far right preaches. A minority seized control of the GOP & much of the USA. “God” is convenient for them to say “you can’t be moral if you’re not [they’re type of] Christian.” They shout & drown & bully others then grab tax $. 1/5

Sign says “No trespassing” outside an evangelical church. “God” didn’t license naming rights to that church or grant a monopoly to anyone to dictate to us what our gov’t is to be. People who say their supreme deity SPEAKS TO them on political issues? Those people lie. 2/5

“The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for centuries.” James Madison, Framer & the Father of the Constitution, referred to Christians’ blood spilled by other Christians. 3/5

I’m sick of white racists preaching morality. Other Christians should be scared. The Framers saw the Reformation & knew we need to separate church & State. They have no moral “high” ground because they are amoral. The “love” they preach is grounded in self-hate & not love. 4/5

The Framers wanted neither autocracy nor theocracy. On those plans they were right. I’m Mark Small, pro-separation of church & State, pro-choice, pro environment, pro-civil rts & anti-gun GOP nominee for Indiana House Distr 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 5/5

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