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eHarmony? Self abuse is cheaper (& far more likely compatible)

Dating on-line? A bite in the butt, & I don’t refer to a fetish. In the past (nearly) 7 yrs, I h’ve tried several dating websites. eHarmony consistently has received high marks & is one to which I had the misfortune to subscribe. 1st: science in dating that they tout? They have disclaimers. 1/4

(I’m a lawyer but despite pages of fine print there’s supposed 2 B fairness in online commerce.) 2nd: I spent a lot of time answering their questionnaire (to zero in, 1 infers, on compatibility) & less than ½ that time looking at “matches” who R devout Christians. 2/4

Not bashing those beliefs, but friends will assure anyone that a devout Christian I am not. 4th: I contacted the website to cancel & the good bots at eHarmony said they’d keep what I paid + I’m hooked up, & not like on dates, but by their installment plan. I get it: no guarantees. 3/4

But they get you signed & don’t let go. I expressed my displeasure on my “profile,” but was censored (& I didn’t even cuss). My OPINION, mind you, is DO NOT use eHarmony whose algorithms are “off “ (to be kind). Self-abuse, at least, is a lot cheaper. 4/4

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Comment by rodney d johnson on November 27, 2021 at 11:31pm

But Mark, Emma Goldman died in 1940 ----- 


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