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Do you think an Indiana GOP-held Congressional seat can be flipped?

  Of 435 voting seats in the United States House of Representatives—all up for election this year, as members of the House run on a two-year cycle (U.S. Constitution, Art. I, Sec. 2—246 are held by members of the Republican Party and 188 by members of the Democratic Party, with one (1) seat currently vacant.  The Democratic Party needs to win thirty (30) seats to gain control of that chamber.  According to the website 270towin, 56 seats are “competitive.  Of those, 38, by my count, are held by members of the GOP.
  Perhaps readers of this blog will not be surprised to learn none of the “competitive” seats is in Indiana.  Our State’s Congressional district were gerrymandered so effectively in 2010 that it appears the GOP has a solid seven (7) of the nine (9) seats to which Indiana lays claim.  Lines were drawn pretty effectively so that Da Region (primarily Lake County) and Marion County, where Democratic Party numbers (and members of racial and ethnic minorities) run pretty high, were walled off. If Indiana’s Congressional seats were determined proportionally, the GOP still would have a majority, but only five (5) to four (4).
  Here are two questions that might be pointless. (Then again, if The Donald wins the Republican nomination, who knows how many people will be outraged or scared or disgusted sufficiently to vote against the GOP?
  Question One: Do you believe any Indiana GOP-held Congressional district could be flipped “blue”?
  Question Two: If your answer to Question One was “yes,” what District do you think can be flipped and why?  (Please state at least one but no more than three reasons.)

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