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Democratic Party needs a candidate not beholden to the same moneyed interests to step up and run for Mayor.

   On the blog Indy Vanguard this weekend, Christian Mosburg, City-County Councilor Zach Adamson's spouse, wrote that the candidacy of a Democrat for the Office of Mayor of Indianapolis is long overdue. Over at Ogden on Politics, Paul Ogden suggested Zach Adamson be that candidate. Both Mosburg's and Ogden's pieces deserve a read. Once in a while my friend Paul comes up with a decent idea. I think Zach would make an excellent Mayor.

   Jon Easter responded to Ogden on Politics to note Zach has no interest in the job of Mayor, from what Jon understands. If that is true, then the choice is Councilor Adamson's to make, and Indianapolis will benefit from Zach's good job in the City-County Council.

   What remains is the task of unseating Mayor Ballard, arguably the worst Mayor of Indianapolis since Samuel L. Shank. When Ballard has not been traveling the World to bring back zero jobs, he has been busy peddling City contracts and properties. Scarier than another four-year term of the absentee-Mayor Greg Ballard is the specter of the days between his realization he will soon leave office and his actual departure.

   With how many 75-year contracts could he burden this City? How many City capital assets could he give away for bargain-basement prices as the clock ticks down on his time in office? The General Assembly generously enhanced his power last session. He could have a field day as he palms off the City's parks to political cronies. Goods will fly out of the City's hands more quickly than an arsonist moves personal possessions the day before he sets fire to his home for insurance proceeds. To call it a fire "sale" would be inaccurate. At least in a fire sale, the consideration given for the goods approaches the values of the goods.

   Just any replacement will not do. If the same moneyed interests that call the shots on Mayor Ballard---or pull the strings or push the buttons, or perform the transitive verb of whatever metaphor one chooses---occupy the same position behind or above the next Mayor, the only change will be a person with perhaps a better temperament. The surface image will be improved, but underneath much will be the same.

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