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Demo Party eschews impeachment & does NOT represent all non-Republicans

   REPEAT:  the Democratic Party DOES NOT speak for all non-Republicans.
   Over the weekend, Rep Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chair Tom Perez distanced themselves from talk of impeachment of the current occupant of the Oval Office, even though each day brings more indications DT & his campaign colluded with a foreign power—Russia & its dictator Vladimir Putin—to swing the popular votes necessary to give DT an illegal margin of Electoral College victory.
   This is the same Democratic Party that bungled a challenge, at the Supreme Court, to the election for President in 2000 and whose leaders “vowed” such a fiasco never would happen again.
   A lot of people have died in Afghanistan in what started as a sort of surgical strike to take out places where 9/11 people trained. A lot of people have died in Iraq where—oil companies wanted their hands on the black stuff in the ground.
   Last Tuesday, Democratic Party candidates did well in the races on the ballots. The two major political parties, however, are unpopular with—the American people.
   The Framers of the Constitution opposed “factions” (a/k/a political parties). The Framers, a handful of wealthy, well-educated white men who owned land were not populists, but saw turf battles political parties wage at the expense of a country and thought parties were bad.
   The Oval Office is occupied by a person whom Russian legislators proudly claim was “picked” by Russia. This weekend DT seemed almost apologetic to confront Putin about Russian interference in the 2016 elections.
   Politicians are supposed to work for us. Political parties do not have rights. People have rights.  We need to send a clear message and press for opposition to the misogynist pig who occupies the Oval Office thanks to Putin.
   Democratic Party leadership has a plan—for what? The next time I see a candidate for elective office whose slogan is “Not Politics as Usual,” I will be tempted to puke on the lapel to which the inevitable campaign button is pinned. Politics as usual is what we will get, no matter the slogan.
   DT must be removed from an office he took by illegal means. Otherwise, how many people will die, either in foreign (bungled) military incursions or here as a result of cold and intentional domestic policies?
   We must admit, though—DT now can say he went to Vietnam. He dodged the draft, in the 1960s, because he was wealthy and his parents could afford the doctors to obtain a medical deferment. No: Trump went to Vietnam last week. He tried to sell military hardware to the Vietnamese government.
   Maybe DT should conduct a seance and find out how well American foreign policy in then-Indochina fared when the United States had a real-life State Department.
   Of course, Alden Pyle only was fictional, but, then again, so are the legitimacy of this presidency and “gumption” in leadership of the Democratic Party.

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