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Deaths from guns or botched abortions, this GOP isn't pro-"life"

This iteration of the Republican Party hawks policy positions so its MAGA followers believe up is down and “right” isn’t what you think it is. The GOP lauds itself as “pro-life,” but embraces policies that kill a hell of a lot of people. Mass shootings at schools don’t concern the GOP. 1/5

No comprehensive plan to stop shootings is offered, but GOP Congress people wet themselves at the thought of NRA-incited throngs so the result: more kids die. This iteration of the GOP nearly exploded in onanistic glee when its Court overturned Roe v Wade. But a study from Univ 2/5

of Colorado concludes a nationwide ban on abortion will, due to "increased exposure to the risks of pregnancy," cause a 24% increase of maternal deaths per year. The predicted increase among non-Hispanic Black people is 39%. Our health care, 37th in the World overall, is bad, and 3/5

especially for poor people, who at least are spared the hell of socialized medicine, such as 34 of the 36 countries ahead of the USA have. If only someone can craft a saying: “A good guy with a gun beats a bad fetus with a gun.” At least Putin likes the GOP, 40% of the voters of which 4/5

see no problem w/Russian interference in US elections. I’m Mark Small: pro-environment, pro choice, pro-science, pro-separation of church & State, anti-gun & GOP candidate for Indiana House District 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 5/5

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