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Corpses have value. Network news, on Vietnam, each night 1965 on, flashed the number of U.S. military dead & wounded, offset by greater numbers of then-enemy (now trading partner), dead.
Some say numbers of “enemy” dead were as fictional... 1/6

as U.S. efforts to use militaristic dictators to instill democratic values in South Vietnam. Flag-draped coffins returning from Southeast Asia were difficult to ignore. With only three networks, news was not as fractured. 2/6

Today every smart phone has potential as a news feed. U.S. COVID dead of 750K are greater than 60K+ military dead in what Vietnamese call The American War. Maybe we need to see more COVID corpses and close-ups as loved ones mourn those who die in agony. 3/6

But what facts persuade those who refuse to believe > 750K have died from COVID? These people question “media” as biased, but rely on FOX and NewsMax whose on-air personalities demean, but whose management require their employees to take, vaccine. 4/6

Religion trumps science. People who scoff at evolution as mere theory should not be entrusted to battle a pandemic. Then again, those who believe the end of the Earth in Armageddon is “good” should not be allowed near nukes. Corpses have value! 5/6

Show reality of mass COVID death? Or create a reality show! Contestants use disinformation to kill communities and rack up bonus points for killing kids. (Hey! I wonder if any trump kids have been vaccinated, like employees at FOX?) Reality or reality show? Huh. 6/6

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