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Brizzi & the other GOP INCD5 candidates in June 2 primary: Confederacy of dunces

My opponents in the June 2 GOP primary for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District (INCD5) include Carl Brizzi, who has stated: “And I really don't know what to make of Tony Fauci and Bill Gates with his mandatory vaccine nonsense...then again, maybe I do.”
Hostile take-over of one of the two “major” political parties by a minority embraces ignorance, bigotry and blind obedience to their concept of government. This is the greatest danger we face today: control of our government by those who extol stupidity.
First, look at trump’s actions that have exacerbated the COVID-19 crisis. From someone’s post yesterday: fired scientists, called virus a hoax, said doctors & hospitals are lying, lied about urgency, stole tests & PPE for friends, had no plan, said stats & death counts are lies.
Brizzi says like trump “I know what it’s like when opponents use fake news and lies to advance their own careers.” Yes - be the origin of the “fake news” and lie about the lies you uttered only moments before. That’s trump.
Second, we cannot allow this anti-science approach to problems to run our government. Polio, measles, and tuberculosis - to name only three - were largely eradicated in this country because we - hold on to your hats - vaccinated children.
Popular amongst those who have hijacked the GOP are views that are grounded in an odd and narrow set of beliefs, amongst which: Earth only is 6,000-some odd years old, evolution is “only” a theory. To say vaccines are bad fits right in.
People have a right to hold absurd beliefs. However: (1) one cannot act on beliefs when such action harms others and (2) we cannot place in control of government people who believe science is false and their interpretation of their religion must control government.
I have written several times that another of my opponents, Micah Beckwith, believes in dominionism: “commitment to defining and carrying out an approach to building society that is self-consciously defined as exclusively Christian, and dependent specifically on the work of Christians, rather than based on a broader consensus.” Barron, “Heaven on Earth,” 1992, p. 14.
In a video Beckwith shot in his car, he says only people with beliefs rooted in “scripture” can be moral, and specifically excludes atheists, agnostics, Hindus and Muslims. He also espouses a view that COVID-19 is part of a conspiracy by China.
It is a bummer that Beckwith - who brags about his prowess in debate - is a coward when it comes to a debate with me. And to be clear: Beckwith’s views should worry those Christians who do not share his odd views.
It would be as ludicrous to allow someone who believes evolution is “only” a theory to control U.S. policy on public health (diseases evolve and render prior treatments ineffective) as it would to give control of nukes to a person who believes Armageddon is good.
If you live in INCD5, you can make a difference. The only hotly contested race on June 2 is for the GOP nomination for INCD5. We need to send a message to trump and those who value ineptitude and corruption that their days in control are over.
Many of these people wave the flag of the States that committed treason in 1861; confederacy: “a league of states or countries that have jined for mutual support or joint action.” Black’s Law Dict., 10th ed., 2014, p. 359; “dunce”: “a dull-witted, stupid or ignorant person” Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, 2d ed., 2001, p. 606.
Tomorrow’s town hall of GOP candidates streams at 6:30 and at 8 p.m. (I’m in the latter group) and will be webcast by WFYI. You should be able to pick it up at Indiana Town Halls dot com.
I’m Mark Small, a candidate in the June 2 primary for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. We need government health policies based on science to avoid trump’s death grip on these policies. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it.

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