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Americans Have the Right to Vote for the Dumbass of Our---not Russia's---Choice

   If we only address only the horrible things Trump has done since he assumed the Oval Office, we risk loss of focus on the illegitimacy of his election.
   Americans have a right to vote for whomever we choose.  Inherent to this right is the right to vote for a dumbass.
   Some people never will believe Trump does or says anything wrong.  When shown real audio or video of Trump’s antics, these people will deny reality.
   There are other people who “tune out” the possibility Trump and his “Number 2" obtained office via illegal collusion with a foreign power—Russia. Of these, some are more frightened to admit the election was stolen.  This is tantamount to the end of our system: Russia’s dictator chose our President.
  Trump is an idiot and mentally unstable: mental health professionals marched in NYC to draw attention to his mental state.  Trump has accomplished little legislatively, but through executive orders, or through speeches or tweets, he has negated years of work and caused the chaos his handler Putin wants. 
   So long as we concentrate on specific issues, no matter how abhorrent Trump’s actions, and ignore the election itself, part of the population will dismiss challenge to the legitimacy of the election of Trump (and his “Number 2"). For some the matter boils down to Americans’ right to vote for the dumbass of their choice.
   The irony is that the evil Trump does might be what distracts the American people from focus on the legitimacy of the last election.
   We cannot ignore what is carried out or uncovered each day. Trump gutted the Affordable Care Act, played “chicken” with North Korea’s dictator, and appointed people to run agencies those people hate. People die from such madcap acts, but as we work on specific issues, our base line must be to challenge the legitimacy of Trump’s election.  Until the election is declared void, acts of treason that put Trump in the Oval Office will continue to bear fruit for Trump’s handler, Vladimir Putin.
   The people who “tune out” and write off opposition as “sour grapes” from “sore losers” must be persuaded to listen to the evidence: the American People did not elect the dumbasses at the head of the GOP ticket.  Russia’s dictator flipped a relatively few votes for Trump and his “Number 2" to take the Electoral College. 
   Our system is on life support. Trump does not have to pull the plug. Putin has his hand on the switch and can turn off the emergency generator for our system.
    As I have written before in this blog, impeachment and Amendment XXV are not the only ways a sitting President may be removed from office.  In 1976, a Federal Court held: “Protecting the integrity of elections, particularly Presidential contests, is essential to a free and democratic society. ... It is difficult to imagine a more damaging blow to the public confidence in the electoral process than the election of a President whose margin of victory was provided by fraudulent registration or voting, ballot-stuffing or other illegal means.” Donohue v. Board of Elections of New York State, 435 F.Supp. 957, 967 (E.D.N.Y. 1976). 
   An action must—and soon will—be brought in a district court. Such an action can be brought if there is no other adequate, specific, legal remedy. Marbury v Madison, 5 U.S. 137, 150 (1803).  We cannot allow ourselves to focus on individual issues to the exclusion of the challenge to Trump’s illegal acts that got him a majority of the Electoral College—even as he lost the popular vote by at least three million.

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