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American military personnel are not dying for freedom & democracy

We have been lied to for years about why military intervention absolutely is imperative: Korea, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Gulf War I, Gulf War II, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq.
A lot of US military personnel have been killed. A lot more people from other countries have been killed. Bottom line, if someone bitched, was: They’re fighting for our freedom and democracy!
Like hell they have been.
Today the individual who currently occupies the Oval Office stated on Fox: “We have a very good relationship with Saudi Arabia—I said, listen, you’re a very rich country. You want more troops? I’m going to send them to you, but you’ve got to pay us. They’re paying us. They’ve already deposited $1B in the bank.”
We are hated - very much - by people from other counties because WE KILL A LOT OF PEOPLE and the reasons have nothing to do with freedom and democracy. Vietnam was about profits - as we propped up a dictatorship corporation raked in the cash.
We provide support to Saudi Arabia, a dictatorship. Think about the people who attacked this country on September 11, 2001. They were terrorists - all but two of whom Saudi nationals.
If they protest in their home country, they are beheaded - or worse. They certainly cannot vote out of office the royal family that runs the show. In the early Twentieth Century, they took control of the country, on horseback on camels, and with bolt-action rifles.
“Saudi” comes from the name of the family that rules as an absolute, totalitarian monarchy. The members of the royal family have won that game of genetic roulette and can lounge on yachts in Monaco.
If a citizen of that country is less fortunate, and wants to complain - they can’t. If people are ruled by a dictator and cannot protest or vote, they’ll resort to politics by other means. The only problem is, the rulers have all the weapons, supplied by the USA.
Still, the people find solace in their religion. Except in 1990 U.S. forces in Gulf War I, set foot on their holy land. Their rulers invited us, and we were there to restore the dictator in Kuwait to power.
What happened on 9/11 was awful. Terrorism never is justified. Despotism tends to create terrorists.
A frequent response to criticism of U.S. military incursions is outrage that one would question what our troops do. That’s not the point. After U.S. political leaders have fed us lies, we have watched troops sent to places to kill or be killed.
Here in the USA fewer options for higher education exist. The military is the only recourse for some. And now we know a role this administration views as appo[ropriate for our military: guns for hire.
So please spare me the red-white-and-blue “freedom” and “democracy.” We need to stop this militaristic state. A Republican President - and former five-star General - Dwight D. Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex.
To be more secure we need to STOP KILLING PEOPLE! Cuts in defense expenditures will make us more secure. People do not like bullies who kill indiscriminately.
As I noted a couple of days ago, other GOP candidates for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District favor a bloated military. Kent Abernathy wants to “honor our veterans” and “support our military.” Beth Henderson wants to “rebuild our military.”
We spend more money on weaponry and military personnel than the next seven biggest spenders and thirty-seven percent (37%) of the World’s total military expenditures. How do we “rebuild” - nuke everyone & build from the ashes?
The best way to help our veterans is to stop creating veterans, and fund programs for job training and housing from funds available from slashing the astronomical budget for the military.
Some military personnel have done eight or nine tours in Iraq or Afghanistan. We have no strategic reason for our military to be there.
We need to cut in half our military budget. Defense spending accounts for fifteen percent of all Federal spending and about one half of discretionary spending. We can take the money cut from that budget and re-build infrastructure.
We can provide public education to compete with the advanced countries of the World. We can even have universal health care - just like an advanced country.
I am a candidate in the May 5 primary for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. I’m running in the GOP primary. We have surrendered that party to forces of ignorance and bigotry for too long.

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