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Again w/people unaware of the history of the GOP

A person need not be a “real” druggie to purchase a share of stock in Eli Lilly. Its articles of incorporation state its purpose: “to engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be organized under the Indiana Business Corporation Law. [FN1] 1/7

Indiana’s Republican Party is an assumed name of the Indiana Republican State Committee that was incorporated in 2005 by Terre Haute/Citizens United attorney James Bopp, Jr. [FN2] One person online called me “an anti-2a ‘republican’ ... ‘a token republican.” That’s crap. 2/7

Under IN GOP rules and State law, I am a Republican in good standing and primary qualified.
Neither the State Articles nor Rules require a Republican take the relatively recent view that the Second Amendment confers an individual right. An article in Rolling Stone noted: 3/7

GOP “presidents from Richard Nixon, who wanted a federal ban on handguns, to Ronald Reagan to George W Bush all voiced support for gun control. George H.W. Bush was so furious at the NRA’s extremism [] he renounced his lifetime membership” while in office. [FN3] 4/7

For 6 terms Richard Lugar represented Indiana in the U.S. Senate. The NRA gave him a grade of “F.” [FN4] Forces of ignorance & bigotry jacked the GOP. It’s not a complete cult of personality, set up as a theocracy, yet. 5/7

FN1. Eli Lilly Articles of Incorporation, as amended April 21, 2008.
FN2. Indiana Secretary of State, INBIZ. 6/7

FN3. I can’t find the exact citation. I referred to it in my blog of 8/13/22.
Blake, “Richard Lugar targeted by new ads from conservative groups,” The Washington Post, 4/9/12. 7/7

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