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2nd Amend met? The Black Panther tried it.

Isn’t this how the Second Amendment is supposed to work?
Citizens were concerned. Loved ones, neighbors, people whom they didn’t know personally were shot.
Citizens devised an odd plan. They purchased copies of Quotations of Chairman Mao - who racked up more deaths than anyone else on the Top-10 Mass murdered list - for 25 cents per copy in Oakland and sold the copies for $1 each to students at Ucal-Berkeley.
With the profits from those sales, shotguns were purchased. Citizens began to follow the Oakland cops to make sure innocent people were not shot. Black Panthers were shot down.
That is how the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense began.
Today, far more people are killed. The members of the Black Party for Self-Defense were gunned down.
Where the Second Amendment people then?
I do not own a firearm. I never have owned a firearm. The first step to combat gun violence is in one’s own actions.
White people who advocate for Second Amendment “rights” do so in the context of doule standards.
If the Second Amendment is so important to people, they should see the “right” goes to all people. However, I think if members of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense employed people and guns, these days, and followed around law enforcement, the same fate would be handed out to the people who followed law enforcement.
Did the Black Panther for Self-Defense have any booths at the NRA convention/?

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