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I have been forced to deal so much with reality lately, I have forgotten how much fun the alternative fanciful debates of Mark Small and Paul Ogden can be.

Personally, Autumn is my favorite season of the year. It is not too cold. It is not too hot. And, unlike Spring, Autumn is often marked by low humidity. Cool, dry days and brisk nights!

As for a change in color of the leafs of deciduous trees: The actual leaf does not change color. The greeness of the chlorophyl disappears revealing most leafs in their nature dull-yellow color. The sugars left in some leafs begin to turn red, and small amounts of red sugar filtered by the yellow leaf will look orange. Personally, I do enjoy the autumn colors. But, these colors cannot be enjoyed too much in Hoosierland. One must go much further north to fully appreciate the fall foliage.

Halloween has long been a favorite Holiday of mine. This became even more so ever since I rejected Capitalist Christianity in favor of a natural Taoist Wicca. Autumn is the Mythological Season of Death when nature dies. Winter is the Season of Entombment, Spring is Birth and Rebirth, and Summer is the Golden Age. Harvest Festivals abound during the late summer and early fall. These festivals celebrate nature's reality – That all living things thrive off the death of other living things. But, in embracing nature, that too had to give way to nature's reality – atheism.

Unfortunately, as an atheist, I have lost my mystical perspective. The spiritual mysteries that the season once represented in now quashed by the facts of science. My atheist perspective has also led me to abandon the progressive republican propositions once championed by the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and Fighting Bob La Follette. The fanatical republicanism of Hoosierland has compelled me to declare myself – a Socialist, which view point I must now champion.

As for sports – These are simply pursuits to obsess upon in order to deny the socio-economic realities within which we live. Millions of dollars are siphoned away through artificially high prices (whatever the market will bear) from under-paid workers to pay unjustified high salaries to athletes (through whom the fanatic creates a false self-identity.) When Hoosierland's capitalist politicians railroaded so-called Right-to-Work legislation into law on the eve of Super Bowl week, not one football union member, or any other overly paid athlete from the Basketball or Baseball players' unions supported Indiana union members by demanding a last minute move of the Super Bowl to a state that respected workers' rights. These players eagerly crossed the proverbial union line. What little respect I had for players at that time was finally purged.

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Comment by Mark Small on September 23, 2012 at 6:23pm

Damn it, Tim. The only thing with which I find disagreement with you is your comment about the players before the Super Bowl. There was a general statement from the union bemoaning the so-called right-to-work law. Otherwise, your points are well-taken. Games are an allegory for a purpose to existence. There is a beginning and an end, the competition providing the raison d'etre. Oops---except for baseball. As George Carlin once said, a baseball game can begin with a walk, and might last forever.


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