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Tomorrow: the top 10 jack asses in the United States for the past 20 years.

   Andrew D. Kirch posted an interesting comment today. He said that Rahm Emanuel was one of the top ten jack asses. I pondered the matter. I asked what parameters should be set for such a ranking. Just U.S.? All time? Andrew said U.S./last 20 years.

   Before we begin, a couple of points to be made.

   First, what is a "jack ass"? Other than a Male donkey," a "jack ass" is "a very stupid or foolish person."  American College Dictionary, 1962 ed. There is more to the concept, however, than the latter gives. There are nuances to a "jack ass." There is an audacious quality, in which the person not only believes he or she is correct, but possesses a moral and intellectual superiority as he or she does whatever jack ass thing she or he sets about to do. But there has to be an element of humor to it. That is why all those "jack ass" movies are popular (probably with other jack asses).

   Second, the standards one applies are largely subjective. Mine are off the cuff and (in all likelihood) will reflect my personal beliefs.

   Third, I cannot vote for myself, as much as some would choose to list me.

   Tomorrow I will announce my picks. This will require some reflection.

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