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The Fair Tax and the Federal Reserve this week's topics.

   There are advocates for the Fair Tax as a substitute for the Federal Income Tax. There also are advocates of no taxes at all. This Saturday, "Civil Discourse Now" will have, as our two topics, the Fair Tax---and that is not a tax levied to fund the State Fair ("Our state fair is a very good fair!") or the various county fairs, although it could be---and the Federal Reserve. We start at 1 p.m. at Big Hat Books.

   I must apologize to a person who took the time and the interest to come to last week's show only to find that it had been canceled as I was sick. I will qualify that statement. People who have known me since undergrad would say I've always been sick. Also, in 1994, I was diagnosed with MS. I couldn't walk for a while, etc. That's a thing w/which I deal 24/7. No, this time I was sick as in trip to the big medical facility dominated by people in white coats whose SAT scores were as high as mine but, unlike me, (1) had a predilection for science (2) were ruthless in screwing grade curves in individual classes and (3) lacked certain ethics. Yes, I mean doctors.

   If you want to catch the show live, please come by. We shoot at Big Hat Books, 6510 Cornell Avenue, across from the Monon Trail and immediately north of the Brew Pub.   

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