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Rick Perry gives a good speech when drunk.

   I am not fond of Governor Rick Perry of Texas. I have yet to perceive intelligence in any statements he had made. He lacks insight in the area of economics. His response to crime is to execute as many people as possible. But I will give him credit for one skill.

   He gave a campaign speech in New Hampshire on Friday night. His numbers have tanked, from mid-20 percent to under five, when last I looked. Pinnochio would poll better. And with Pinnochio, we at least could tell when he was lying. I watched a clip of Perry's Friday speech. The guy was drunk. He was not drunk like James Dean's character in the banquest at the end of "Giant," although Jett Rink (the character's name) was introduced as a "son of Texas." There are leves of intoxication. Perry hit one in which he was ambulatory and talkative. He laughed and thanked people and made disjointed comments. I'd say he probably had half-a-dozen or so cocktails---gin or vodka so there would be less of a tell-tale scent of spiritus fermenti. Also, beer causes one to make more trips to the lavatory. He hardly could say "Hold on  a minute, y'all, I'll be right back."

   Far be it for me to criticize a man who likes to drink. But (1) he is in a campaign for the office of President (2) he lacked the control to check his desire for more than a couple of drinks before having to deliver a speech and (3) it occurs while his numbers are tanking. That last part is important because presidents can have really shitty days. Just ask George W. Bush. And I do not want the president to be prone to consumption of alcohol in times of stress. The last thing we need, if this country is attacked again by terrorists, is for some idiot to be in the White House and decide to invade a couple of countries. That could prove to be expensive in lives lost and trillions of dollars wasted. As people die, our American economy could tank.

   Why does this sound like deja vu all over again?   

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