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   This will be a different kind of New Year's Eve show. For one thing, we will shoot it at 11 a.m. That is as in it is still light out (here in Indiana, barring an unscheduled complete solar eclipse). For another, we will discuss the year to come in politics, and from a bit of a different angle. We will give overviews of the nine Congressional races, as well as the races for Governor of our fair State and the office of United States Senator. And (of course) we shall discuss the presidential race, both primary and general. This will be an overview/primer, as we cannot do justice to the individual races in-depth in the time we have. 

   Jon Easter, an Indianapolis blogger and Democrat has agreed to appear on the Show as we discuss the year-to-come in politics. We have an invitation out to another person, from the side of the political spectrum opposite the left. I hope to announce later today that he has accepted our invitation.

   We shoot on the second floor of Big Hat Books in Broad Ripple at 6510 Cornell Avenue. Anyone is welcome. We have two rules on the Show:  (1) people cannot talk over one another; and (2) guests cannot wear stripes (something about contrasts on the camera and I am sure that is antiquated). Oh, and in the words of that noted authority on law and jurisprudence, Bernard P. Fife:  "Rule Number Two: No writing on the walls as writing on the walls is difficult to clean off and requires scrubbing." 

   I am confident the same number of bookies will watch this Show as watched the October Show during which Paul made his predictions. He called Ballard by 51-47% over Kennedy. He got it right.

   So if you get the opportunity, come by BIG hat and watch the Show. It will be available on-line Sunday.

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