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"Knock! Knock! May I ask about your home security system?" Door-to-door in Broad Ripple asks disturbing questions.

   A gentleman knocked on the side door this evening. He had a padded sort of clipboard in one hand, wore a shirt with a patch of a logo for "Protection One." He said "we" are following up on Broad Ripple residents, like me, who had attended a meeting last spring and who expressed satisfaction with our home security systems. He asked if my name is Mark, if our home security system was the same as the decals in our windows, and if we are satisfied with our home system. I told him our security system was none of his damned business and closed the door.

   I never attended a meeting in Broad Ripple during which anyone expressed any attitudes or opinions about home security systems.  I most certainly would not have given information as to home security systems.

   The individual was a white male, about 5' 8" or 5' 9", perhaps 145-150 pounds. He had short, black hair, but not a crew cut. His skin was pale, as if he has very little exposure to the light.

   If Protection One is legitimate, its people have no business collecting information for some data base. Others may choose to give information of this type, but I believe to do so is imprudent. (I mentioned nothing to him of the 50,000-volt grid inside each of the doors and below each window, or the motion-activated water nozzles that fire cat piss at any intrued when the system is activated.) 

   On the other hand, if this is some kind of scam, people need to beware. The most obvious point of such an operation is gathering of information for break-ins.

   If anyone has knowledge of this situation, please respond to this post. This is the type of thing neighborhoods need to protect themselves against.

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