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Is anyone paying attention to Bank of America latest rip-off?

   There are rumblings that Bank of America ("BoA") is in danger of failing. But wait---I thought we were inculcated with the notion it was too big to fail? Anyway, check the various websites. Whatever the number---and I have read as high as $75 trillion, as in take one billion and multiply it by 1,000----BoA has transferred so-called toxic assets it had acquired from other banks and transferred them to a federally-insured fund. In other words, the same folks who screamed they needed a bailout in 2008, and promptly gave themselves bonuses once the bailout arrived, now are setting the table to dump a ton of debt---let's say only a measly $20 trillion---on the American taxpayers. This information comes from Bloomberg. It is, as a character in "Take the Money and Run" by Woody Allen would have described, "a sham of a mockery of a travesty of justice." Someone needs to stop this. Dump the debt on the People's Republic of China. Let BoA's executives go over there and explain to that nation's leaders why China has to cough up our money (where a lot of it seems to be) to cover BoA's boo-boo.

   Maybe those executives will find themselves sharing accommodations with the guys who stood in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square a few years back. I doubt that they will have to worry about valet service for their suits to be pressed. And for some reason I don't think the facility will be five-star, so no fresh flowers every day in the vases, although the staff will know the bankers by name---or number.

   I do not advocate torture. I advocate prosecution if crimes have been committed.  

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