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Indianapolis International Film Festival---7/17 to 7/26---great value for the entertainment dollar.

   The Indianapolis International Film Festival starts Thursday. Do yourself a favor: go to and read the descriptions of the films, then check the schedules. If you find a description or two interest you, you should try to attend.
   The films shown at the Indianapolis International Film Festival do not feature car chases or shootouts. The films have off-beat storylines and a lot of talent. You might not like some of the films you see there.
   How many films have you seen in the last two years in a theater and, afterwards, thought, “That was a waste”? If you a buy a pass to the Indianapolis International Film Festival, you spread out the risk. You might not like a film or two—then again, you might love a few more. You will have seen films you otherwise would not have seen in a local theater or on television.
   The festival has feature-length films, animated films, short films (as in 15 minutes) and documentaries. As I wrote the other day, value for the entertainment dollar is a matter much sought after. The admission price of a feature film at an area theater plus popcorn plus a beverage can easily top twenty bucks per person. If the movie sucks, one has experienced rolling the dice of seeing only “snake eyes.”  Check out the Festival. The odds are that you will look forward to going next year. You also might start to look for local film festivals here and in other cities and towns around the State.
    The Festival runs from July 17 to July 26. Visit the website at  “Civil Discourse Now” has its own network on the internet—“7bitsofinfo”—on Live 365. We shall try to interview as many directors, screen writers, actors, editors and Film Festival people as we can. Tune in to 7bitsofinfo on Live 365, or the link on FB or on this web page.

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