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Has Peyton Manning played his last game?

   I did not bother to stay up and watch the Colts-Saints debacle last night. I have had to wonder, the last couple of weeks, several things about the Colts' quarterback situation.

   One thing to get out of the way. This is not simply a sports matter. The taxpayers have ponied up mucho dollars for the Colts. We paid for them to move here. We built them not one, but two stadia. When we built the second we paid them damages for having terminated the lease early on the Hoosier Dome (sorry but I won't call it anything else; they had a naming contest, remember?). We continue to subsidize them (and the Pacers) as our schools, streets, sidewalks, and public transport deteriorate. So if we have paid for this product, public discourse about its quality is appropriate.

   So, that out of the way, I will state my concerns. Was Colts' management's announcement Manning would miss much (if not all) of the season made as late as possible so people would not be scared off from buying tickets? That is making a material misrepresentation of a fact (Manning will QB the season) the managemet knew to be false (once they got the reports) and upon which others (season ticket and other ticket buyers) relied to their detriment (watching really bad footbal games). I hope his injury is healing well and that he will return next season. I also hope the Colts tank the rest of their games because I have this nagging thought he might not be back.

   Government should not subsidize professional sports. Bidding wars between cities drain monies from those matters for which government money should be spent. We have made Jim Irsay a billionaire. I would be happy for him, if not for the fact some of that money came from my household and a lot of that money should have been devoted to schools and other things.

   I was a Bears fan when I moved here for law school in 1986. The Colts had just moved here. They kind of grew on me. I will cheer for them (this season to lost all 16 for the first draft spot) because my money has gone to support them. It would have been nice to have a referendum at least. But let privately-owned sports teams run their own shows. They make money sufficient hat they don't need money from taxpayers. Let the sports teams compete in the so-called free market. Maybe that way my Cubs will make the World Series. No, I'm not that silly. 

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