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Erase the bad acts of a POTUS who never had a mandate

Four years ago, trump declared he’d been given a mandate. That simply was not rue. mandate: “In politics, the electorate’s overwhelming show of approval for a given political candidate or platform.” Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th ed., 2014, p. 1105.

electorate: “The body of citizens who have the right to vote.” Id., p. 633. Note: that definition is not “body of the electoral college.” trump lost - as in received fewer votes from the electorate in 2016 - than his opponent, Secretary Clinton.

Once in the Oval Office - he soon will be forced to vacate - trump began to scrap or render null, policies and programs that had been in place sometimes for decades after they had been put into placed with bipartisan support. Sometimes they were GOP policies.

Example: trump did his best to gut policies enacted to protect the environment. The EPA came into being during Richard Nixon’s administration. Someone who loses the popular vote inherently lacks a mandate for anything.

When he takes office, President-elect Biden will seek to re-establish programs that were cut. These changes are not radical but seek to reinstate things as they were. Inherently that is not a radical change. It is restoration of the status quo as it existed.

It also is restoration of some policies for which others had a mandate - The Civil Rights Act, The Voting Rights Act, The Clean Water Act, The Clean Air Act - that need to be reinstated.

The leadership of the current iteration of the GOP is an aberration. People who advocate racist policies have no place in our government. That means the GOP leadership has to go, but we cannot leave a vacuum in its place.
We have to erase any traces of the damage trump did over the past four years. That will be effort that could have been devoted to other things. To prevent this necessity in the future, people have to vote out the leadership of the GOP in its current iteration.

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