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Armageddon, abortion & absence of nuclear morality

Few stories end with all (ALL) the “bad guys” killed. The Book of Revelations, the last book of the New Testament, ends with the battle of Armageddon where good fights evil and the “righteous” walk away for a nifty eternity. Morality isn’t all about abortion.

God did not write any of the books of either of the testaments, but people who believe he did include the book of Revelations as divinely written. If pressed for proof their fall-back position is to say the books are divinely inspired, or they use similar phrases.

Revelations ends with destruction of (1) Earth and (2) unbelievers after Armageddon, a battle in the view of many that will be nuclear. In the 1970s only fringe elements mused about the end of times as “good.” By decade’s end these elements sought, and got, political power.

Problems with lovers of Armageddon: 1) Hypocrisy to say Roe v Wade kills millions but it’s okay to wipe out all the human race that disagrees with you; 2) Claim monopoly on morality; & 3) Grab political power, control of our lives and ultimately keys to nukes.

True believers of many beliefs are “inspired” by their deity to do very bad things. From 1/20/17 to 1/20/21 we had a POTUS who couldn’t spell “SAT” if you spotted him two consonants and a vowel & his experiences with abortion probably were limited to serially financing procedures.

If this minority of a religion, once more, though a minority of the electorate, obtains control of the Oval Office, we have good reason to fear for our civil rights and our freedom. We also have just cause to fear a person, who feels divinely inspired, being handed the nuclear keys.

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