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Anti-Obama sentiment from---Michael Moore?

   On Keither Olberman Olbermann's show on Current TV, Michael Moore made an excellent point. To paraphrase, if the Republican Party is the party of the rich, why has it produced only clowns as possible candidates for the office of POTUS? (Use of that acronym implies deeper knowledge of the subject.) Would they not want "their" guy in office? Unless, of course, their guy already is in the White House.

   Count me as amongst people on the Left who have been disappointed---deeply disappointed---by many of President Obama's policies and actions. When he had a majority in both house of Congress, he could have pushed for single-payor on health insurance. Instead, we got a bastardized system with some improvements, but a mechanism whereby private insurance companies stand to grow fatter. We have deported more people under this administration than under Bush's. And what about our troops? They still are in Afghanistan and Iraq (although withdrawal of the latter is scheduled for 12/31/11). Slack has been cut to polluters. He has approached any negotiation by immediately ceding the ground half-way. That means the other side already has won half the game, taken home half the pie. He has been friendly to Wall Street during a time in which those responsible for the crash of '08 should be investigated and prosecuted. If guilty they should be hung by their Hermes(trademark) ties. Okay, I am anti-death penalty. That was hyperbole. But those bastards should be imprisoned and their assets seized. What the Occupy Wall Street folks are demanding---return of control over our nation's financial institutions, return to the tax rates of the 1990s---should already have been in place. They should not have to demonstrate for these goals.

   I am overjoyed John McCain and his dipzoid running mate did not win in 2008. Matters could be far worse today had the 2008 election been as close and vulnerable to being rigged as definitely was the election in 2000, and quite probably the election in 2004. This president has not been left-of-center. The problem could be that he is a White Sox fan. Whatever the cause of his actions and policies, Moore is right in the point he has made.   

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